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  • The Hobbit 76%
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  • We Need to Talk About Kevin 55%
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    Imagine your icon crying because someone they loved died


    Countdown to S’3 meme10 days to go!!!

    (21) Character that is most like you ♥ Molly

    Many say 'So What?' to God, religion, atheism – USATODAY.com

    What is distinct and fantastic about Gus is that he is an adversary whose scariness is the opposite of belligerence. He’s not scary because he yells at you, he’s terrifying because of how placid and controlled he is. x

    Url graphics!


    I took a break and so I feel like my graphics skills are rusty— so I’d like to get back into it by making url graphics!

    • Mbf me
    • You can view my graphics here
    • I’ll choose from the people who reblog this post

    Thank you guys!! ily all <3